Best Doorbell Cameras


Do you want to be able to view or speak with the people who come up to your door discretely and safely? With a good quality doorbell camera, you can see who is ringing or standing outdoors, you can take photos and record videos, as well as speak to the person. And if you choose a smart doorbell like our top pick – the Ring Pro, you will be able to speak to the person on your door even if you are away from home via the mobile or computer app.

We have reviewed and assessed a large number of doorbell cameras, and have come up with our latest top best doorbell camera list for 2019 for you.

Read on to find out more about these nifty and secure devices which are a must-have for any household or business premise.

Ring  Pro Doorbell

The Ring Pro security camera and doorbell is our definite top favorite when it comes to the best doorbell camera for 2019. It is a smart doorbell which will allow you to see and interact with whoever is at your door even if you are away from home on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices, as well as with Alexa devices.

The smart doorbell camera will activate itself and will notify you as soon as motion is detected near the door or whenever somebody presses the doorbell.

The high-resolution camera will monitor the activity in front of your door 24/7 and will record HD 1080p video including during the night thanks to the integrated infrared vision.

You can keep an eye at what is going on at your door at any time via the Live View on-demand video feed option.  You can also opt for setting up customized motion zones for better precision and greater peace of mind. The camera has a very wide viewing angle of 160 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

The smart Ring Pro doorbell camera requires that pre-existing doorbell wiring is available, and also a reliable Wi-Fi connection either at 2.4 or 5GHz in order to be able to upload the videos to the cloud storage and to stay connected with your other smart devices.

The doorbell is sold with lifetime protection against theft, so if it happens to be stolen, the manufacturer will replace it for you for free. It is also sold with 1-year free cloud storage in your Ring account for all of the videos shot by the doorbell camera. This will allow you to review any videos which you have missed, see them again and share them when necessary. The videos are stored for 60 days, so you will have an excellent archive of every movement and use of the doorbell for up to 2 months.

The size of the doorbell is just 4.5 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches, and it doesn’t require batteries to work. You can install it by yourself for less than 15 minutes and set it up to connect to your devices even faster.

Overall, this smart doorbell camera is everything you need if you want to have a reliable view, recordings, and an intercom and receive notifications if any movement is detected or somebody is at your doorstep wherever you happen to be.


The runner-up in our list is yet another smart doorbell camera by Ring. The Ring 2 will also allow you to talk with anybody who is at your doorstep no matter whether you are at home or not. You will receive instant notifications of detected movement and of the pressing of the doorbell button on your mobile device or computer.

The Ring 2 doorbell is compatible with all Alexa devices, which means that you can receive announcements on your Echo or another device, and communicate with the person on your door without having to take your phone out.

The video camera records videos in HD 1080p resolution and has night vision. You can switch on the live video feed whenever you want to see what is going on outdoors and hear it as well. The motion sensors can be adjusted so that you don’t receive false notifications or so that you can see any single movement around your door at all times.

The camera also has a wide viewing angle so it can capture anything going on at a 160-degree horizontal angle and a 90-degree vertical one.

The size of the device is only 5 x 2.5 x 1 inches, and it can be hardwired, but also comes with a removable battery pack which you can easily take off to charge without moving the actual doorbell. This is a great option if your home doesn’t have pre-existing wiring for doorbells, and you want an easier installation option.

The Ring 2 requires a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and can record and store all videos of activity occurring at your front door to your Ring account in the cloud if you choose to pay a monthly subscription starting from just 3$ per month.

It works with Windows 10 computers, as well as with all Android and iOS mobile devices, so you can get alerts and be able to view and hear as well as speak with whoever is at your doorstep even if you are at work or away from your home.

Again, you will get the anti-theft protection guarantee which promises to replace the doorbell in case it gets stolen.

Overall, this is a reasonably priced, reliable smart doorbell camera which will make your home safer and your life easier.

Ring Doorbell Wi-Fi Enabled Works with Alexa

Do you really like our top choice and the runner-up, but don’t want to spend more than $100 on a good quality doorbell camera? Well, in this case, we recommend our top budget-friendly choice for 2019 – the Ring Video Doorbell.

It is reasonably priced and has most of the excellent features of the higher end models offered by Ring.

The camera has a resolution of 720p and a wide field of view of 180 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically.

The size of the unit is 4.9 x 2.4 x 0.87 inches, and it can be hardwired or work with batteries, depending on your preferences.

This smart doorbell camera can connect to Alexa compatible devices which will alert you if there is someone at your door. You can connect to the doorbell at any time to take a look at the area around your door via a smartphone, tablet or PC.

You can also answer the doorbell and speak to whoever is in front of your door from your smart device or computer no matter where you are located.

The doorbell will alert you when motion is detected and when the doorbell is pressed, so you can see and hear who is there and speak to them if you choose. This is perfect if you are not home but are waiting for a delivery, a maintenance person or guests, and you want to find out when they have arrived and communicate with them in real time.

Like the more expensive versions, this doorbell will be replaced for free by Ring if it gets stolen.

It needs a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection and is incredibly easy to set up even if you are not too handy or tech savvy as it comes with all the tools you will need for the installation.

You can then customize the motion sensors in accordance with your needs and try out the Ring Protection Plus service for free for 30 days after you purchase it. After the trial period is over you can choose between using the premium Protection Plus service for $10 per month or get the option for the recording and sharing of all videos to your Ring account for a monthly fee of just $3 for the Ring Protect Basic service.

AMOCAM Video Intercom Doorbell System, 7″ LCD Monitor Wired Video Door Phone Kits

If you need a doorbell camera which can work for up to 6 different households in the same building, the AMOCAM Video Intercom is the best option available on the market right now.


  • The set includes 1 camera and 6 monitors for indoors
  • The monitors have 7 inch LCD displays with press keys and they can be used to view who is ringing, open the door, unlock it, talk to the person at the door and listen to what is going on outside
  • You can choose between 16 different doorbell ringtones and chimes, adjust the ringing volume as well as the brightness of the monitor
  • The monitor looks great, so it will look perfect in your home
  • The doorbell itself is sleek and elegant and will bring beauty to your building
  • The doorbell camera has an 800 x 800, 700TVL CMOS high resolution, and night vision
  • The doorbell is easy to install via wired connectivity
  • The system is an excellent option for small apartment buildings, offices, public building, and villas, and can work with up to 12 separate monitors per doorbell
  • The indoor units are made of durable ABS plastic
  • The outdoor unit is made of weatherproof aluminum and has 6 separate call buttons as to not disturb everybody else in the building
  • The size of each monitor is 9.4 x 5.9 x 1 inches
  • The size of the doorbell is 4.8 x 10.8 x 17 inches
  • The camera has a wide viewing angle
  • You will receive all of the parts and tools needed for connecting the system and installing it
  • This nifty doorbell camera system is also available for 2,3,4,6,8,10 and 12 separate apartments or other premises

JeaTone 10 Inch Monitor Color Video Door Phone Intercom System Night Vision Waterproof Camera

If you want a doorbell camera which will withstand just about all types of harsh weather conditions, you may want to opt for this resilient and weatherproof JeaTone doorbell system.


  • The set includes an outdoor doorbell camera and an indoor monitor
  • The system is available in sets of 1 camera and up to 4 monitors, and 2 analog cameras and up to 4 monitors, so you can choose the best one for the building type and the number of residences or offices in it
  • The indoor monitor has a large and clear TFT LCD 10-inch display with an HD 1024 x 600p resolution, to monitor and hear who is at the door, talk to them, open the door and take photos or record videos
  • The camera has a 100-degree wide angle lens and supports 1200TVL IR night vision so you can see who is at the door even in the middle of the night
  • You can record videos and save up to 86 images you take with the camera to the built-in memory of the monitor or add an optional SD card (up to 32GB are supported) for a larger memory
  • The outdoor unit is protected by a sturdy, IP65 waterproof panel made of aluminum alloy, and the unit can operate in temperatures of -40 up to 50 degrees Celsius
  • The system supports adding an electronic lock, an alarm or an analog camera as well
  • You can use the dual communication option hands-free, and use it as a room to room intercom as well
  • The volume, brightness, and color of the monitor and intercom can be adjusted easily, and you can pick among 12 different doorbell ringtones
  • The set is sold with all the tools you need for mounting it


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