How To Inject Charisma In Motivational Speaking According To

For years, we, at, have been telling people how important charisma is in motivational speaking. Without it, one’s power of influence is limited. Without it, the attention of people is harder to draw and secure. Without it, a speaker is only a public speaker, not a motivational one.

Charisma is indeed not as common as you think it is. For many people, it is an inborn quality developed by one’s personality. For most people though, charisma is learned, practiced and developed. Anyone can master it to become a great motivational speaker, and we are certain of that here in

How do you inject charisma in your profession?

Make yourself exciting

Predictable people are easy to get along with, but are potentially gullible. That makes them look weaker and less believable.

People want something new from time to time because their preferences constantly change. They want to be excited and surprised. If they cannot find excitement and surprise in you, they will dismiss you as ordinary, which will put you into oblivion.

Surprise people by being unpredictable. Stay away from the stereotype to keep people looking at your direction. Do something out of your comfort zone from time to time and break your rules for the right reasons.

Good Speakers

For instance, a motivational speaker in the business niche is usually expected to be strict and keen. These qualities earn him respect. However, by letting the audience see him inside and out the first time around, the excitement for what he has to say declines every time he goes on stage.

You have to make yourself wanted every time you go on stage. There should be a tinge of mystery and intrigue in your personality if you want to earn people’s interest. Be what people least expect you to be. That is exactly what Eric Thomas, who look more like a hip-hop artist than a motivational speaker, and the late Zig Ziglar, who always combined spirituality and business in his topics, have done in their careers. We, at, will help you make yourself exciting as you learn the art of public speaking.

Share your story

Nothing is more charismatic than showing your real self to other people, letting them know that you also have strengths and weaknesses with high and low moments. How can you do that while keeping your personality exciting and intriguing?

Guest SpeakerYour stories – experiences and turning points – comprise your life. They may or may not affect your personality. Although it is recommended to share your story to your audience, you should avoid doing it at the expense of a fun and interesting personality. Never let the audience see that your bad experiences affect your personality and outlook in life because your strength makes you inspirational.

Humans are attracted to humans, so you have to create an impression that you are reachable and relatable regardless of your social status, profession, and educational attainment. Letting other people know your imperfections also makes it easier for you to gain sympathy, which is quite crucial if you want to emanate charisma to gain support for your own goals and advocacies.

Nonetheless, opening up yourself is hard to do because sharing your life with people you do not know is like getting naked in public. You introduce the real you, but at the same time, you open yourself to criticisms and ridicule.

Despite all the downsides, if you really want to use your charisma on a large crowd, you need to let them peek into your personal life to say that you are also like them and not merely a speaker or leader trying to act smart in front of them. Motivational speakers have already mastered the art of inviting other people into their lives, showing their vulnerabilities to get sympathy, and provide inspiration to others. It affects others’ emotions to a point that some find it life-changing even.

Keynote SpeakerYou do not necessarily have to sacrifice your privacy, but you only have to show the highlights of your life – the most memorable experiences and most trying times that you think can impart lessons and elicit emotions from other people. You need to stare them soul to soul so that your charisma can penetrate deeper and last longer.

Giving simple anecdotes usually suffices. Just be cautious of what you are sharing because sharing too much will make you look desperate for sympathy.

The secret here is to look for something “learnable” from your life. Do not go for the drama, but for the moral at the end of the story. Do not emphasize how it happened but what happened after it. Remember that a joke is nothing without a punch line.

Our mission here in is to help motivational speakers become more effective in capturing their audiences’ attention, and injecting charisma in your personality is the best way to do that.

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