Dishing coins and keeping clients: Marketing starts with

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of all businesses. Whether engaged in the production of goods and items, or the provision of services, businesses rely on marketing to bring in people and keep them, and thus permit the flow of funds.

You must have seen a number of marketing strategies and realized that all of them have been developed for two purposes: (1) to attract new customers; and (2) to retain existing ones. For both ends, the goal is to encourage the valued clients to buy some more, travel some more, or eat some more. This is made possible through, well, some hey-there-try-this-wonderful-cellphone ads, endless clips of wonderful drone shots, or enticing IG portraits of burgers, fries, and some more burgers.

Sometimes, giving away something works out too, and that’s what we have to suggest to you. We believe our custom coins at would help make good marketing strategies for your company. Here are some of our ideas:Collector’s Coins

1.    Give away collector’s coins

These would be limited edition, special, and once-in-a-lifetime coins. For example, if your clothing company is celebrating its 100th year in the industry, you may give away centennial anniversary coins to all those who would buy your re-introduced first-ever design. Or, perhaps your company has just launched an All-Green campaign in support of the world’s environmental protection efforts and turned all your stuff, products, and even stationery, green; in this case, you may give away a Green-to-Grin coin (or something like that), something that would tell your clients that they are joining your make-the-earth-smile cause when they buy your green lawnmowers. The ideas are endless and surely, after designing your heart out in our system at, you’ll get something working for your company.

2.    Give away quantity-based coin rewards

When you sell products that are repeatedly bought, say, coffee, pens, or perfume; or you provide services that are repeatedly availed of, such as hotel stays; or you do something that is quantity-based, say, print documents and files, you may give away special coins to commemorate your clients’ numerical milestones. For example, you may give a special antique gold coin for those who have bought a total of 500 cups of coffee, or for those who have checked-in for a total of 100 nights in your hotel. That’s pretty simple to design, and you may want to customize the coin edges too – a rope cut edge or a cross cut edge (or other edges at instead of the standard coin edge.

3.    Give a coin that is part of a series

This would work much better if your product or service is naturally bought or used as part of a sequence. For example, you may be a small film company and you’d like to give a little memento for each of the clients you shoot movies for. You could give out a special coin that says it’s the 23rd coin in your coin set, marking your 23rd movie. What is important is to highlight the fact that the coin is part of a special series of coins.

Giving your clients special coins (especially those designed through our website, is like rewarding your employees. It makes them feel special, it gives them a positive thought about your company, and it increases their happiness and satisfaction. In the end, these good points will translate to positive monetary results.

Chances are, they will not return to you for the coins, but every time they see their special coins, they’ll remember why they got one, and they’ll feel special. More probably than not, they’ll return and buy more of the same thing, or book more of the same package they usually get. The good thing is, whatever kind of coin you need – to work out the strategies we mentioned above or your very own marketing idea – we, at, can mint the exact coin you need. With 10 metal styles, endless coin add-ons, and an any-shape-goes option, all for you – you’re sure to get your most effective marketing coin.

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