Avoid Striking Out in Business with Baseball Pins and Other Paraphernalia

Whether your favorite team gets a multi-run bunt or just a single run in all of 9 innings, you really don’t care. As an aficionado, you rally for them, cheer them on, fan their Facebook pages and follow them on Instagram and Twitter even off-season. You wear your team’s jerseys, collect baseball pins, trade cards, have autographed posters in your room.. all for the love of the game and your team. Nothing is too extreme for the fan in you.

Knowing this mindset, it is not difficult to appreciate the potential money-making business of selling baseball paraphernalia. Setting up a business targeted at sports fans may be as easy as it sounds, especially if you have an idea of what to put out in the market.

Baseball Fashion for Him and Her

Baseball PinsPeople love to brandish their pride in their team and show their support by wearing stuff that promotes their favorite baseball team or player. It can be quite effortless to sell baseball apparels such as jerseys, tees, jackets, sweaters, even socks. Team logos or player numbers can be printed on these garbs. Your target market for baseball apparel can be men and women of all ages. It wouldn’t be a surprise if fans get clothing for their children. Onesies, pajamas, hoodies and even flipflops that flaunt their favorite teams or players can be a hit. Baseball pins and caps can be unisex accessories, too. Headbands, neckties, wristbands and lanyards are also fashion items you can add to your list of merchandise.

Apart from clothing, you can also expect a good turnout in sales with items that can be used such as drinking bottles, mugs, purses, tote bags, backpacks.

Novelty Items, Gifts and Collectibles

BaseballA lot of people collect bats, mitts, and helmets. These items can be autographed which will serve as memorabilia. Items that can be traded are also hot in the market. Two of the very popular collectors’ items in this sport that are usually traded are baseball cards and baseball pins. The baseball card features one or more players and certain stats that pertain to them. It is often used for trading and is commonly printed in stock paper. Fans support their teams by purchasing, collecting and trading these cards. The same is true for pins. Baseball pins are usually made from metal with a rubber or military clasp back, and have stunning or impressive designs. They are created for teams, individual players and league events. Pin towels and pin bags are used to hold pin collections. Trading can become either a fun pastime or a professional hobby. Typically, players bring their cards or pins during tournaments and engage in trade ceremonies.

You can also sell novelty baseball items in wholesale or retail. Baseball clap sticks, toys, tattoos, key rings and bouncy balls are notable pieces. Cash in on seasons and occasions with specialized items such as baseball Christmas ornaments and baseball-themed parties. Baseball pins can be the perfect keepsake.

Products that can be displayed or used for the home can also bring in a decent profit. There will always be fans who want their homes to be filled with anything that reminds them of their favorite team. It’s like a sense of belonging, a team spirit. Baseball and bat display cases, mini figures, arts and posters, even blankets and towels are just some examples.

You can also prepare personalized gift items based on baseball ideas. The ideas for merchandise are unlimited. You can be sure that as long as baseball season exists, there will always be baseball fans. And there will always be clients willing to purchase your products. So don’t be afraid to pitch in your resources and creative ideas, and you might just score a few home runs in this business!

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