Dishing coins and keeping clients: Marketing starts with

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of all businesses. Whether engaged in the production of goods and items, or the provision of services, businesses rely on marketing to bring in people and keep them, and thus permit the flow of funds.

You must have seen a number of marketing strategies and realized that all of them have been developed for two purposes: (1) to attract new customers; and (2) to retain existing ones. For both ends, the goal is to encourage the valued clients to buy some more, travel some more, or eat some more. This is made possible through, well, some hey-there-try-this-wonderful-cellphone ads, endless clips of wonderful drone shots, or enticing IG portraits of burgers, fries, and some more burgers.

Sometimes, giving away something works out too, and that’s what we have to suggest to you. We believe our custom coins at would help make good marketing strategies for your company. Here are some of our ideas:Collector’s Coins

1.    Give away collector’s coins

These would be limited edition, special, and once-in-a-lifetime coins. For example, if your clothing company is celebrating its 100th year in the industry, you may give away centennial anniversary coins to all those who would buy your re-introduced first-ever design. Or, perhaps your company has just launched an All-Green campaign in support of the world’s environmental protection efforts and turned all your stuff, products, and even stationery, green; in this case, you may give away a Green-to-Grin coin (or something like that), something that would tell your clients that they are joining your make-the-earth-smile cause when they buy your green lawnmowers. The ideas are endless and surely, after designing your heart out in our system at, you’ll get something working for your company.

2.    Give away quantity-based coin rewards

When you sell products that are repeatedly bought, say, coffee, pens, or perfume; or you provide services that are repeatedly availed of, such as hotel stays; or you do something that is quantity-based, say, print documents and files, you may give away special coins to commemorate your clients’ numerical milestones. For example, you may give a special antique gold coin for those who have bought a total of 500 cups of coffee, or for those who have checked-in for a total of 100 nights in your hotel. That’s pretty simple to design, and you may want to customize the coin edges too – a rope cut edge or a cross cut edge (or other edges at instead of the standard coin edge.

3.    Give a coin that is part of a series

This would work much better if your product or service is naturally bought or used as part of a sequence. For example, you may be a small film company and you’d like to give a little memento for each of the clients you shoot movies for. You could give out a special coin that says it’s the 23rd coin in your coin set, marking your 23rd movie. What is important is to highlight the fact that the coin is part of a special series of coins.

Giving your clients special coins (especially those designed through our website, is like rewarding your employees. It makes them feel special, it gives them a positive thought about your company, and it increases their happiness and satisfaction. In the end, these good points will translate to positive monetary results.

Chances are, they will not return to you for the coins, but every time they see their special coins, they’ll remember why they got one, and they’ll feel special. More probably than not, they’ll return and buy more of the same thing, or book more of the same package they usually get. The good thing is, whatever kind of coin you need – to work out the strategies we mentioned above or your very own marketing idea – we, at, can mint the exact coin you need. With 10 metal styles, endless coin add-ons, and an any-shape-goes option, all for you – you’re sure to get your most effective marketing coin.

How To Inject Charisma In Motivational Speaking According To

For years, we, at, have been telling people how important charisma is in motivational speaking. Without it, one’s power of influence is limited. Without it, the attention of people is harder to draw and secure. Without it, a speaker is only a public speaker, not a motivational one.

Charisma is indeed not as common as you think it is. For many people, it is an inborn quality developed by one’s personality. For most people though, charisma is learned, practiced and developed. Anyone can master it to become a great motivational speaker, and we are certain of that here in

How do you inject charisma in your profession?

Make yourself exciting

Predictable people are easy to get along with, but are potentially gullible. That makes them look weaker and less believable.

People want something new from time to time because their preferences constantly change. They want to be excited and surprised. If they cannot find excitement and surprise in you, they will dismiss you as ordinary, which will put you into oblivion.

Surprise people by being unpredictable. Stay away from the stereotype to keep people looking at your direction. Do something out of your comfort zone from time to time and break your rules for the right reasons.

Good Speakers

For instance, a motivational speaker in the business niche is usually expected to be strict and keen. These qualities earn him respect. However, by letting the audience see him inside and out the first time around, the excitement for what he has to say declines every time he goes on stage.

You have to make yourself wanted every time you go on stage. There should be a tinge of mystery and intrigue in your personality if you want to earn people’s interest. Be what people least expect you to be. That is exactly what Eric Thomas, who look more like a hip-hop artist than a motivational speaker, and the late Zig Ziglar, who always combined spirituality and business in his topics, have done in their careers. We, at, will help you make yourself exciting as you learn the art of public speaking.

Share your story

Nothing is more charismatic than showing your real self to other people, letting them know that you also have strengths and weaknesses with high and low moments. How can you do that while keeping your personality exciting and intriguing?

Guest SpeakerYour stories – experiences and turning points – comprise your life. They may or may not affect your personality. Although it is recommended to share your story to your audience, you should avoid doing it at the expense of a fun and interesting personality. Never let the audience see that your bad experiences affect your personality and outlook in life because your strength makes you inspirational.

Humans are attracted to humans, so you have to create an impression that you are reachable and relatable regardless of your social status, profession, and educational attainment. Letting other people know your imperfections also makes it easier for you to gain sympathy, which is quite crucial if you want to emanate charisma to gain support for your own goals and advocacies.

Nonetheless, opening up yourself is hard to do because sharing your life with people you do not know is like getting naked in public. You introduce the real you, but at the same time, you open yourself to criticisms and ridicule.

Despite all the downsides, if you really want to use your charisma on a large crowd, you need to let them peek into your personal life to say that you are also like them and not merely a speaker or leader trying to act smart in front of them. Motivational speakers have already mastered the art of inviting other people into their lives, showing their vulnerabilities to get sympathy, and provide inspiration to others. It affects others’ emotions to a point that some find it life-changing even.

Keynote SpeakerYou do not necessarily have to sacrifice your privacy, but you only have to show the highlights of your life – the most memorable experiences and most trying times that you think can impart lessons and elicit emotions from other people. You need to stare them soul to soul so that your charisma can penetrate deeper and last longer.

Giving simple anecdotes usually suffices. Just be cautious of what you are sharing because sharing too much will make you look desperate for sympathy.

The secret here is to look for something “learnable” from your life. Do not go for the drama, but for the moral at the end of the story. Do not emphasize how it happened but what happened after it. Remember that a joke is nothing without a punch line.

Our mission here in is to help motivational speakers become more effective in capturing their audiences’ attention, and injecting charisma in your personality is the best way to do that.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Patches

Custom Patche
There are lots of things to learn when it comes to iron on patches and this is a necessary step to ensure that you can get the best out of your order. The first thing you should consider before buying a custom patch is its purpose. Is it for branding purposes, awareness or for your company uniform? Second is the garment and the area you are planning to apply them. This determines the size of the patches and how they should look like. There are different specifications that can meet different needs and it is important to look for the certain types that would suit you best. Our company offers almost all types of backings, borders, threads and add-ons there is. These tips will help you get the exact thing you are looking for.

Size Limitations

The smaller your design is, the more detail you will have to sacrifice. Keep in mind that small or complex details would only look clear on a large scale. They will not look as good as a digitalized image especially if they are small. In case your design have something that would not look good on an embroidered patch, we will simply let you know beforehand. It is also important to choose the right things or parts of your design that should be eliminated. We can help you with this so that the integrity of your design will not change. The best thing you can do in order to be certain that your iron on patches will look as clear and clean as possible is to consider the size you are planning to go for before creating the designs.


There are various types of borders to choose from. The most common borders that most of our clients opt for are die-cut and mirrored. If you already saw custom patches with edges that are entirely wrapped, then you have seen patches with a mirrored border. This is usually used on patches with simple shapes. If you want your patches to have an irregular or uncommon shape, then we recommend the die-cut border. It is the one that can work best for shapes that have sharp angles and lots of cuts. It is crucial to choose the right border that best fits the design you are going for.


There are different add-ons you can apply on your patches. You can also choose to have special threads that can certainly enhance the looks of your custom patches. If you are looking to have a unique and more noticeable design, you can check which thread types and add-on you want us to apply on your patches. The details are displayed on our official site including their prices. You can also ask us for a quote today.

Embroidery Options

Patches that are not entirely covered with stitches are usually cheaper. If you choose not to have any unstitched area in your custom patches, then they will be thicker and fuller. 100 percent embroidery coverage can enhance the look of your patches. The most common choices are 50, 75 and 100 percent embroidery. You can also choose different effects for the details of your patches. One of the best options that our clients love is the 3D effect. This raises the letters and/or details they have on their patches which can create a more unique and noticeable design. The garment and area on where you want to attach your patches should be considered when deciding on the embroidery options.


We base our prices on the embroidery coverage and options, design, add-ons and size of the custom patches. If you are looking to have cheaper patches, it is best to have a simpler design that requires less thread. It is best to consider your budget before starting to design your patches especially if you are looking to buy in bulk. This can save you much time and effort, including revisions as well.

It is always best to have a good picture of your custom iron on patches in mind. Following these tips will certainly help you create or improve the design you might want us to put on your patches. We can work with you with the designing process. In case you do not know how to create your own design, you can simply leave it to us. Our artists can take care of it. You will not need to worry as well since we will not start manufacturing your orders until you approve the sample that we will present to you. If you are not satisfied with the designs, whether it is your own or ours, there is always room for revisions. It will take more time though.

Call us now and let us talk about how you want your iron on patches to look like. We will provide you a free quote after you have given us the details of your orders.

Circuit Boards That Can: PCB Fabrication At Its Finest

In Imagineering Inc., we pride ourselves for our quality products and services. We understand that the quality of the PCBs you use can make or break your business’s success. There are things that we take note of when it comes to PCB fabrication to make sure that we produce consistent product and services.

To enlighten you, here are some practices we utilize to make sure you, our clients, always receive the best when it comes to PCB fabrication.

• Great Customer Service

We value our customer’s satisfaction as much as our product’s quality. We try to provide consistent quality services for each customer. Whether you are a new customer or a long term customer, you will always have the best when it comes to PCB fabrication.

Our customers get their orders either on time or ahead of it. We follow your specifications to make sure that you get what you need for your projects. In every transaction, we prioritize your instructions and needs before anything else. We want to keep you happy and we also want to make you feel like you are in control of your PCB.

PCB Fabrication

If you have any problems with the boards you receive, you can contact our team and they will make sure that any discrepancies will be corrected. We make sure that each of our staff practice utmost professionalism at all times. Rest assured that you will always be met by one of our friendly staff each time you call.

• Top of the Line Facilities and Equipment

The process of PCB fabrication is a very sensitive procedure. That is the reason why we only use the best when it comes to our facilities and equipment. Our facilities are packed with CAD CAM experts to make sure that our products comply with the DFM standards.

The precision needed to produce high-end PCBs leaves little to no room for mistakes. The combination of great staff and great facilities and equipment ensures that your PCBs are created with perfection in mind.

• Saving Money

PCBWe offer services that gives you a lot of savings. You don’t even have to worry about compromising the quality of the products because we make sure that we the best at the most affordable prices. We have many ways to find the best offer for your needs and we will present each one for you to choose from.

By doing this, you can have great value for your PCBs for your current project. You are ensuring bigger profits while still having the fabrication results at the best condition possible.

• Flexibility of Service

You get a lot of options when it comes to our PCB fabrication services. You can choose between multilayer, rigid or flex PCBs. We assure you that we will deliver the best every time. Even if you need something more specific, like something that works with metal, we can cover you with specialized materials for that.

If you already have the materials or components for your project, you can send us your kit so that we can start working on it. You shouldn’t worry about losing your materials because we do a thorough inventory before we start our work.

• Reliable Delivery

When you order something that is needed to be shipped, the main concern is how reliable it is. You do not need to worry about that with us. Once you finalized your order, we will email you the shipment’s tracking number as soon as we can. From there, you can track the package’s location and estimated time of arrival.

PCBOur deliveries arrives as scheduled. We take punctuality seriously and we understand how important time is for you. We also make sure that you will receive each component to avoid delaying your project.

The business of board fabrication revolves around precision, specifications and mastery. It is not something that you can entrust to someone that will do haphazardly. There are a lot of things involved that needs to be done correctly each and every time.

We have been doing this for years and we knows the ins and outs of this business. Our PCBs have been used around the world and we maintained the quality throughout the years. You cannot go wrong with choosing us.

Pro Golf Apparel And Where To Find It

New golfers do not want to readily announce to the world that they are novices to the sport. This is easily done by purchasing and using golf apparel that are normally used by professional golfers. However, some of the nearest sports stores do not carry a complete line of golf clothing choices. This result in some apparel problems since clothing sold in pro golf shops are more expensively priced as well as having a limited number of brands.

GolfIt is considered to be better to shop around at various pro golf shops for golf apparel especially when fit is a crucial factor in the purchase. The main objective of some new and experienced golfers is to appear aesthetically pleasing in and out of the golf course. If these are primarily used for normal wear and not for the sport then it is recommended to take along a friend for another opinion before purchasing the clothing. Some golf inspired clothing recommended for purchase are sweaters, polo shirts, and dressy shorts.

The Main Advantage Of Golf Apparel Buying From online Stores Are Given As Follows :

In case some of the golf clothing offered in the nearest stores are not considered to be a good match to the individual’s style, then the best alternative is to shop online from websites. The advantage of buying from online stores is that numerous golf apparel collections are offered from regular outfits to those that have championship and Ryder Cup logos. Some of these championship souvenir and team licensed items are normally not sold at the nearest sports shop.

Golf ShirtWhen buying golf apparel online, there are some suggestions that must be considered to prevent future problems when playing golf. One of the most important is to choose clothing that are not too tight or too short since it can decrease the comfort of the golfer. Remember that some of these golfers make use of moisture wicking materials especially during humid and warm weather. This is the reason why most golfers recommend the purchase of clothing that make use of absorbent materials such as cotton. The main focus will therefore be comfort and quality of the clothing since the objective is to remain comfortable during and after playing the entire golf course.

New golfers need to have a high level of commitment when starting to play golf. The main reason for this is that most of the golf equipment including the clothing are very expensive. The steep price is further worsened when the golfer plans to purchase good quality brands or those with the official PGA logo. This is where exhaustive reading is recommended by professionals since some golfers do not have enough to pay for the basic equipment. It is recommended to purchase the basic equipment first before purchasing supplementary golf items.

Golf ApparelOne of the most important decisions is the purchase of a good quality golf glove. It is because it primarily protects the hands from developing wounds due to repeated swings of the golf club. Purchasing gloves that have an established brand name is a good long-term investment for the golfer since these are durable and well-made.

However, the most important consideration when buying golf clothing is whether it complies with the dress code of the club. Most clubs have a dress code when it comes to golf with the most recommended are collared shirts and shorts or pants. If the club is located in an area with humid weather, then most of the clubs will allow the use of golf shorts. For clubs that are located at colder climates, then these clubs will strictly follow the use of pants and long-sleeved shirts.

Golf apparel includes the use of caps or sun visors since golf is normally played during the day. This is due to the fact that golfers will need to track where the ball will land for their next swing. Some golfers will even make use of sunglasses especially when they are more sensitive to sun blindness.

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